We Sold Our Souls For Wicked Lulz (Slightly Remastered​!​)

by Something and the Whatevers

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Dean Ohmsford
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Dean Ohmsford Between the sweet keyboard and the tongue-in-cheek-yet-somehow-serious vocals, I could literally not love this album any more. Favorite track: We're Not Even Trying.
Donald Milliken
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Donald Milliken I know a guy in a band and the band doesn't suck! That's pretty cool! I guess the album's pretty good too... Favorite track: We're Not Even Trying.
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WE SOLD OUR SOULS FOR WICKED LULZ is the debut full-length from Lawrence, KS punk rockers Something and the Whatevers, released in March 2014. In honor of the fourteen-month anniversary (give or take) of its initial release, we are making a shameless attempt to convince people that this album is “classic” and “influential” and deserves to be celebrated! And what better way to celebrate this classic, influential album then by downloading a slightly newer, slightly remastered version? Featuring what you could arguably call better-sounding music, as well as the barely-noticeable addition of about 26 seconds to the overall runtime, this is the definitive edition of our confounding debut that will no doubt be described by future music scholars as “pretty interesting” and “almost entirely overlooked until its much-needed re-release in 2015.”

WE SOLD OUR SOULS FOR WICKED LULZ is a seamless collection of dense and cathartic tunes, full of colorful textures and endlessly quotable lyrics that toe the line between delightfully snarky and painfully honest. Do yourself a favor and listen to this record from start to finish, so you can experience its many unpredictable twists that reflect the manic state of the disillusioned musicians who created it. Marvel at how seemingly mundane topics such as paying bills, sleeping in and accidentally locking your keys in the car are transformed into visceral rock and roll anthems. WE SOLD OUR SOULS FOR WICKED LULZ is like a looming funhouse mirror, presenting an aural picture that’s both absurd and instantly relatable. Download the album for whatever price you think it’s worth, and be sure to crank the volume to, you know, however loud you like your music, I guess.

“A deliciously odd collection of engaging and humorous songs… This album gives hope to rock ’n roll misfits like myself.” -Zach Hodson, The Deli Magazine

“Something and the Whatevers find the perfect mix of originally witty lyrics, polished songwriting, and excellent musicianship.” -The Beat Matt Blog


released May 30, 2015

Something and the Whatevers consists of Tiny G on drums, Quinton Cheney on guitar and vocals, Benjamin Kraus on keyboard and vocals, and Travis Arey on bass, guitar and vocals. We would also like to thank, you know, our families and shit. If you know us personally and feel you deserve to be thanked, then by all means, consider yourself thanked. Also, we would like to thank God for fixing the cataracts of Sam's mum.



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